does the A in USA stand for ally




Mary Sprague(Am.)Luber’s Tree,  2007, Gusts Up To Fifty, Morristown, New York, 2007, Near Lotte, Morristown, New York, 2007, Point Reyes Trees, Northern California, 2008, Spirit Rock Hill, California, 2008, pen and ink


Das Wunderzeichenbuch (The Book of Miracles) Augsburg, ca. 1552.


doodling nostalgia helps anxiety don’t mind me


doodling nostalgia helps anxiety don’t mind me


quick concepts for some ideas of spirits i had. from left to right:

  1. the keeper: guardian of cemeteries - makes sure graves remain clean and never without flowers.
  2. crywolf: once thought to be a trickster spirit that led travelers to their doom, this spirit’s actual intent is to help travelers discover unmarked graves of murder victims.
  3. the cacophony: will appear to some individuals - serves the same purpose as a banshee.
  4. the rat king: a spirit of vengeance, unleashed upon those who hurt others.
  5. the lure: an otherworldly being that feeds on lost souls - will lure them close and devour them whole.
  6. the guardian: a watchful sloth spirit that comforts the spirit of dead children, allowing them to paint his fur.





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this is so surreal honestly its like traveling through time


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that’s actually my number one tip for how to support your mentally ill friend/partner/family member, being prepared to repeat yourself a lot. regardless of individual diagnosis almost all of us need people to be patient with us, because there are some facts that might seem evident to you that just won’t stick in our brains, be it “you are a good person deserving of love” or “your medication is working” or “you are not being pursued by demons”. often we are aware that we are having the same conversations over and over and often we feel bad about it. be gentle with us